Upcoming Events

Saturday, 14 December
8.30am to 4.30pm

Monthly Sil Observation

Venue - Temple Premises

Saturday, 21 December
8.15am to 1.15pm

Youth Sil Observation (10yrs & Above)

Venue - Temple Premises

Saturday, 28 December
7.30pm - 8.30pm

Monthly Dhamma Sermon

Venue - Temple Premises

Tuesday, 31 December
6.00pm - midnight

Pirith Chanting

Venue - Temple Premises

Please note that Paynes Road entrance is closed from Western Freeway for roadworks. Use Leaks Road exit and continue 1.5km to enter Greigs Road and turn right to Paynes Road after about 2Km.

Regular Events

Daily 7.00pm

Buddha Pooja.

Thursdays 7.30pm

Meditation Program.

Saturdays 5.00pm to 6.00pm

Children's Dhamma Program.

* Open Sil & Dhamma Sermon Schedule
* Open Special Events Calendar






Welcome to Paramitha Buddhist Vihara

The “Paramitha” Buddhist Vihara (formerly known as St. Albans Temple) was established in 1999 by the Western Victoria Sri Lankan Buddhist Association (WVSLBA). The temple, now located in Rockbank, (Melbourne, Australia) offers a wide range of services to the Buddhist community to learn, observe and practise Buddhist teachings. WVSLBA also runs a Language Education and Sunday School to teach Sinhala language as well as Sri Lankan culture, values and heritage.

This website provides information about religious and cultural activities organised by the temple and also serves as a good source of knowledge for those who wish to read articles about Buddhism as well as listen to Buddhist teachings (Dharma Deshana) in digital format.

Ven Pallawela Devarakkita Thero - Chief Resident Monk

Ordained as a monk on 11th April 1968, Pallewela Dewarakkitha Thero obtained his preliminary education at Sri Subhadrarama Piriwena in Nugegoda. He graduated with a Batcher of Arts (BA Special) degree from Peradeniya University and subsequently completed his Master of Arts (MA) degree at University of Kelaniya. Furthermore Dewarakkitha Thero obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Rights from Colombo University as well as the Bachelor of Law degree from Sri Lanka Law College.

Pallewela Dewarakkitha Thero served as a lecturer, administrator and a director at Sri Subhadrarama Piriwena for about 20 years providing a great service to Buddhist education in Sri Lanka before he moved to Australia.

Since 2001, the Thero has been serving the Sri Lankan Buddhist community in Melbourne in his capacity as the Chief Resident Monk at the Paramitha Buddhist Vihara.