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Sinhala Language / Sunday School

Our Aim

The Sinhala Language School helps our children become aware of our language, also to become in touch with our Sri Lankan culture, arts and our heritage. This would allow the continuation of our culture with traditions still intact even though there are many miles separating our homeland, Sri Lanka, and our home today, Australia.

The Sinhala Language School teaches the Sinhala language and ethics from a Preparatory to the Secondary level, with a high standard and allowing for the opportunity for VCE exams. We are not only teaching the language skills to our children, but also encouraging them to adapt to the Australian Society with values such as respect, tolerance, peace and love with self-confidence.

School Profile

St. Albans Sinhala Language School was established in February 1st 1998, with only nineteen children and four teachers that had recently migrated to Australia from Sri Lanka.

The Sinhalese people who have just recently migrated have given their heritage, culture values and traditions to their children, however it is not an easy task while our children are continually in contact with the Australian culture.

The formation of this Sinhala Language School was the most effective way to teach our children Sinhala Language, as well as our culture values and traditions, for our children to be the Sri Lankan Australians of the future. These young people will have to adapt to the Australian society with dignity, confidence and discipline. We aim to show our children that it is also important to show respect for others’ beliefs and other ethnic cultures when living in such a multicultural society.

Now, we conduct classes from Prep to year Seven. We teach the Sinhala Language, which is writing and language skills, as well as the culture, and history of our motherland.

As part of our Sinhala Language School, annually we organise a concert, where the children get a chance to show their hidden talents, which relate to our culture and the arts. This gives an opportunity for the parents to reflect on what our children have been learning throughout the school year.

This school is supported and run by all volunteer teachers and managed by the Western Victoria Sri Lankan Buddhist Association.

Taylors Lakes Secondary College 39 Parmelia Drive, Taylors Lakes
(Enter via Chichester Drive)
Time / Date: 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm Sundays of the Victorian Government School terms.
School Time table:

2.30 pm – 2.40 pm - School Assembly. Traditional Greeting. The Principal or School Coordinator addresses the students, teachers and parents about important issues.

2.40 pm – 4.00 pm - 1st Period

4.00 pm – 4.15 pm - Interval

4.15 pm – 5.25 pm - 2nd Period

5.25 pm – 5.30 pm - Assembly Sing School song and Sri Lankan National Anthem.

Enrolment age: 4 Years completed by June 30th
School fees: $80 per family per year regardless of the number of children in a family.
Enrolment: All students who wish to enrol must forward an Application of the Sinhala Language School. In addition, those who attend a mainstream school must provide an application that is issued from the Department of Education and Training.
#Note: No enrolment fee applies

School Curriculum

The School’s curriculum is structured accordingly to the Curriculum and Standards Framework to develop skills in teaching the Sinhala Language, in areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, we aim to teach the Sri Lankan culture, arts and heritage.

Sinhala Language School Concert

The language school attached to Paramitha Vihara organises an annual concert to demonstrate native talents of children attending Sunday School.
For further details please contact Chandrasiri Weerasinghe on 0402 310091 or the Temple on (03)97471902.

Sinhala Language School Enrolments for 2018

Sinhala Language School will commence on Sunday 04th February for the year 2018. You can download the application forms online by clicking the link below.

School Enrollment Application Form.
School Calendar for 2018.

Important notice to parents

Please return the two duly completed applications together with the fee $80 to the Language School.

Kindly note that late applications will not be eligible for government funding. We will therefore be compelled to charge the lost government contribution of $184 per child from the parents on late applications.